Thursday, January 22, 2009

IVF Barbie

Starting backwards in January 2007. Brent and I decided to start trying for a baby in February 2007 so I went off the pill. I told Brent to prepare himself to become a father ASAP as I thought I would take after my Mum who was highly fertile, little did I know.

12 months went by and still no sign of a BFP and my AF was all over the shop with my cycles getting worse. The pain was incredible each month and the feeling of knowing something was wrong with me was playing on my mind. Off to see my new Ob/Gyn and sure enough I was diagnosed with PCOS after bloods and a dildo cam (OMG how I never thought I would get use to them).

Brent’s SA came back with fluctuating results and my Ob/Gyn is not happy with his results. Brent’s SA tests aren’t in the normal range due to Brent’s cancer which was diagnosed on June 4th 2004, a day I will never, ever forget.

So I was prescribed the “magic pill” clomid for 3 months then my Ob wanted to try a different approach if that fails. The magic pill produced 2 big follies each month but still no BFP.
Ob suggests clomid for 1 more month before trying IVF. IVF? Is he serious? He tells me my PCOS isn’t a great case he’s seen and another SA of Brent’s came back with well below “averages” so he suggests we “get serious” and try IVF other than fluff around with OI and the likes.

Clomid fails so looks like we’re going to IVF. I am devastated by this news but some online friends recommend me to an infertility forum, I wouldn’t have coped without my new “infertile” buddies who help me cope, guide me through my first IVF cycle, support me through my worries, are concerned for me when I have OHSS and am hospitalized and congratulate me when I fall pregnant on my first IVF Barbie cycle.

I am lucky to fall pregnant on my first IVF cycle but after being on the infertility forum I realize how guilty I also am at times. I can’t help it, I only tried TTC for 18 months and I thought that was long, some of my online friends have been trying for years. My heart breaks for them but I also admire them as they are the most amazing, strong, caring bunch of women I could ever meet. I have only met 1 online friend IRL and am planning to meet a few more in early February but I hope I get to met them all and let them know personally how much they have touched my life.

Monday, January 12, 2009


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