Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me

I turned 27 last Friday 13th February. Luckily it wasn’t a spooky day and nothing freighting or scary happened, well not that day anyway!

Brent and Max had breakfast with me and I was in no rush to get to work. I took my time driving into work and was greeted with 3 boxes of chocolates and a beautiful bunch of flowers, which unfortunately I was allergic to so MIL got them! I never even expected a card let alone choccies and flowers. Boss also gave me an early mark!

Two days before I had woken up with horrible pains in my belly/bump so made an appointment to see my Ob. He did a scan and bubs was fine but sent me for a CTG. All was good until about 10 minutes towards the end when bub’s heartbeat was going up and down like a yo-yo, which in turn freaked me out so not sure if that helped the yo-yo situation. Ob said he was happy with the results but not the last 10 minutes so to do another CTG on the Thursday. So I spent Wednesday night and all Thursday stressing. I finally got into the hospital in the afternoon and CTG was perfect, no yo-yo’ing, despite the lady next door giving birth and totally freaking me everything was fine. PHEW.

We chose not to tell any family members as last time I had a scare (15 weeks) some of them didn’t understand the stress I was/am feeling. When I told them I had a panic attack and was given an ultrasound I was told to “stop worrying”. It’s kinda hard when you go through IVF and I just think some people will never understand how I do stress and worry, it’s in my nature.

So a year older and wiser and I feel this is the first year I can definitely add “wiser” to that saying without hesitation. How do you not get wiser without the things Brent and I have been through, some things are public knowledge, some aren’t and never will be but boy we have come along way and I love him more and more each day.