Sunday, April 5, 2009

My weird but wonderful trip down south.....

Last Friday Mum had phoned me to let me know my one of my brothers had severe gastro and I wasn't allowed to stay with my family as he would be contagious for 4 days, so that meant I could go and stay with them on Wednesday.

I was picked up at the airport by my folks and taken to my cousins house to stay there. Mum and Dad stayed with me on the Saturday night and Sunday my cousin threw a baby shower for me. It was a brilliant day and we got loads of blue goodies for Noah and thoroughly spoilt. Mum stayed the night again and woke up on Monday with gastro. Dad picked her up and that meant I wasn't allowed to see or stay with her until Friday.

So Monday I caught up with a friend in town, did some shopping and felt a little sorry for myself. I tried to call Qantas to change my ticket and come home sooner seeing as though my family were contagious and I couldn't even stay with them. I couldn't get through to Qantas, luckily though as I stayed in Melbourne and had a great week.

Tuesday my Dad and 3 of my brothers picked me up to take me out to lunch. We went to the Victorian Markets and the City. The boys spoiled me and paid for my lunch, drinks and snacks. At the end of the day they all gave me presents for Noah as well.

Wednesday I spent the day with Nana. We went shopping in St Kilda and had lunch at La Porchetta (my favourite) and then had a coffee with my cousin.

Thursday I needed a rest day, I was exhausted. I went to Westfield at Airport West got some thank you cards and chocolates for some special people and rested back at my cousins. Thursday night my brothers came over for pizza.

Friday I was finally allowed to see my Mum and stay at their house!! I spent the day with a very special friend, it was a very emotional and hard day for both of us and I think of her constantly. Friday night we went to visit a family friend for dinner and drinks.

Saturday afternoon I jumped on a plane and was greeted by Brent at the gate, Gosh I missed him heaps. As soon as I got home MIL had made dinner for us and I flaked it after watching Brissy lose to Carlton :(

All in all I had a great week under the circumstances of not being able to spend lots of time with my family, which was the reason of visiting them.

I'm back home, on maternity leave and forcing myself to clean (maybe I should just wait for this so called "nesting" to kick in). I normally love cleaning but i'm too tired lately and my belly gets in the way of everything!!!