Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Baby E has a name

After many nights going round and round in circles over Baby E's name I finally went with my first pick of Noah :)

Brent is happy with my choice and I said he could choose the middle name if he wants one. I'm not too fussed whether Noah has a middle name or not so it's all up to Brent now.

It's weird referring to him as Noah already, i keep calling him "him" or "the baby", i have to bite the bullet and start referring to him as Noah now.

Monday, March 16, 2009

The countdowns are on

Only 60 days left until we met our little man :) I've put a poll up on the baby's name, we just can't decide. I like Noah more and Brent likes Tyler more, i do like Ty as a nickname though and i'd be happy with either pick but deep down Noah is my front runner!

I'm feeling very cool, calm and collected about the birth, if only i could feel this way at present. I'm so sick of stressing and worrying that something bad is going to happen, i'm trying my hardest to just go with the flow and "relax"....... gosh I HATE that word.

We have our last antenatal class tonight and apparently it's all about breastfeeding. Brent says he hopes tonight ends early, i think he's had enough talk of vaginas, blood, amniotic fluids and breasts for a while!! LOL

Only 8 work days left :) I can't wait to finish up and spend a week down South with my family, only 11 sleeps!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Labour and Birth - Bring it on ;)

We had our first of 3 antenatal classes last night. We were the last ones there (typical) and i think Bonnie the midwife took a fancy to Brent, i don't think he cared being the centre of attention though LOL!

Bonnie went through packing our hospital bags, the stages of labour, after birth and pain relief options. We went on a tour through a birthing suite and one of the husbands mentioned it looked more like a hotel room (complete with a large spa and double shower). It hit me when we were sitting in class and bubs was kicking away inside me that this is real and this is happening to us :) After the class we were so excited and kept talking about the night. I'm feeling very positive about labour and birth now.

I woke up this morning not feeling 100% and Brent declared i was in the transition stage of labour LOL! I had to give him points for listening!

Mum has offered to fly me down to Melbourne for a week before i can't fly so i booked my ticket this morning and then got an email from my cousin that they are putting on a baby shower for me so my Melbourne friends and family can celebrate! I can't wait.

Only 17 work days left :)