Monday, August 17, 2009

RIP Holloway's :(

Words can't even begin to describe how devastating the loss of 5 Holloway's lives are :( I'm so sorry that a fire can tear a family apart and take away 4 beautiful children and 1 adoring Mother.

I don't think 5 minutes have passed by today when i haven't thought of you all. I really hope Aaron can somehow survive this, although i don't know how. How on earth would you recover from a tragedy like this?

Lenore has the biggest heart of gold and it is broken way beyond repair. I'm gutted for them all and all i could do today was hug Noah for comfort.

RIP Ashlee and babies

I'll be keeping the Holloways and Faulkners in my prayers and thoughts xo

Friday, August 14, 2009

Noah’s Birth Story

I was admitted into hospital to be induced at 8pm on Wednesday 13th May. Brent wasn’t allowed to stay the night so he went home about 11pm. I had the tape inserted and a few hours later small contractions had started. I had a shot of pethadine and a couple of hours rest before I woke at about 4am to more stronger contractions. Brent came into the hospital at about 6.30am, it was comforting to have him back with me. My Ob came in and broke my waters at about 7.30am (which was absolutely awful). I had some gas and then kept vomiting; I couldn’t even keep one sip of water down.

After my waters were broken the contractions came on thick and fast. I requested an epidural and was given one about 15 minutes later. Ahhhhh, pure bliss! I managed to have about 2 hours sleep in between vomiting and lots of midwives checking the heart monitor.I was advised at about 11am that Noah’s heart rate kept dropping with each contraction I was having and was taking too long to reach a “normal” level. The final contraction Noah’s heart rate dropped to 60bpm and alarms went off, midwives and Ob’s were running in and before I knew it I was being prepped for an emergency c-section.Brent was whisked away, I was being shaved and signing consent forms and rushed up to theatre. As soon as I got into theatre I saw Brent and was relieved again as he came and sat by me (complete with video camera) and calmed me down.

Within 5 minutes I was cut open and Noah had been pulled out of me. They took him to examine him, all was fine but he did have quite the cone head from getting stuck in my pelvis and becoming distressed – hence the heart rate dropping.

I had hemorrhaged and gone into shock at this stage as everything happened so quickly. I had also developed a high fever and couldn’t stop shaking. They handed Noah to me but as I was shaking so much I asked Brent to take him back off me L

I was only supposed to be in recovery for ½ hour and I was in there for almost 2 hours. They finally let me go back downstairs once I stopped shaking as much as I had been. Noah and Brent were in my room and Noah was handed to me for skin to skin contact. By this time I was so distressed about everything that had happened and disappointed I missed out on the instant skin to skin contact I was quite down. Noah had a feed and was wrapped back up again. The next 2 days are a blur and I only remember bits and pieces.

Brent filmed the birth and it took me a good 2 weeks to watch it as I was saddened by the birth and how chaotic it had been.

3 months on and I’m moving on from my disappointing birth experience. I did find out that I have to have c-sections from now on due to my pelvis not moving. This I find comforting as it will be a totally different experience from my emergency c-section. The midwife and Ob have both assured me that being induced did not cause any of this and it was my pelvis not moving, which makes sense as I have 2 other cousins who have the exact same thing and can only have c-sections as well.

The first 3 months have flown and things are starting to settle down. I don’t want to jinx myself but Noah is an absolute angel. He is the most placid baby and I am constantly told how lucky I am by friends and family. He is not a crier and on the rare occasion that he does cry, something is obviously wrong.

We're off to Melbourne again in September with Daddy and then just Noah and I are going down again in Novemeber for Cup Week! At least my family are getting lots of cuddles and seeing him grow :)