Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Quitting Sugar

I just purchased the "I Quit Sugar" e-book by Sarah Wilson.  I'm scared.

There are great diet tips and recipes out there, however, with my allergies it seems impossible to follow.  I would start a diet then 2 days later i'd give in.  This time i'm determined to give it a fair crack.  Some recipes in the e-book are hard to adjust for my allergies but i'm sure with trial and error (and the ROT - rip off thermie) i'll find goodness in healthy foods without adding copious amounts of unnecessary sugar, even though it is tasty!

Another thing i've found daunting is the amount of sodium in store brought food.  I have researched how much sodium there should be per 100g and i'm shocked by my findings. Read Here  I am taking this little baby with me to the shops at all times.

Dinner tonight - no sugar, no sodium, no carbs.... no fun?

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